Places to go this Weekend: KidzLand @ The Grandstand

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Location: Kidzland @ The Grandstand
Date: Daily


  • Mon - Thurs: 10.30 am - 8.30 pm
  • Fri: 10.30 am - 9.30 pm
  • Sat - Sun, PH & SH: 9.30 am - 9.30 pm 

Admission: Check article for details

Nestled within Pasar Bella @ The Grandstand is KidzLand. A newly opened Indoor Playground and Amusement Centre that is filled with various activities and games for the LOs!

It is slightly difficult to find but walk deep into Pasar Bella and you will find KidzLand next to the escalator. You will probably not miss the lights - and see our video below! 

The entire area is huge with various "sections" for different activities and games. To take part in the activities or games, you simply pay a fee to that particular section. That means, you only pay for what you play! 

Let us help you with the pricing details below! 

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The Forest 

A Jungle Theme indoor playground for children to climb up and down! Slides, and a Rainbow Net filled with fun and satisfaction! 


  • Babies (below 1yrs): Free
  • Toddler (1 - 3yrs): Off Peak ($16) / Peak ($18)
  • Children (above 3yrs): Off Peak ($20) / Peak ($22)
  • Adult: 1st (Free) / Additional ($5)


Parents and Children can ride this together! A Childhood Favorite! 

Pricing: $5 per ride

The Beach

A sand play area for the LOs! It's sand play coupled by interactive projections! 

Pricing: $5 per 30 mins

Star Speed

The next best thing to a roller coaster! Get ready to be thrust forward, backwards and 360 degrees! 

Pricing: $6 per ride

Hunters Alliance 

A realistic shooting gallery (comes with recoil too). 

Pricing $5 per 50 bullets

Other Rides and Game Machines

Claw Machines, Game Machines: starting from $2

Membership Top Up

The activities and games are paid using a pre-paid card. If you top up a certain amount, you even get free credits too! 


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Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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  • Diana

    Thanks Julia for the feedback. Definitely good for parents to know about the “on the ground” experience. Hopefully there will be changes to the ball pool!

  • Mrs Julia Tan

    I don’t like the play area turned into a ball pool. If you want a ball pool you have to remove all the fixtures inside especially the round swing . Chidren treading through those balls may trip and knock against the fixtures or hit by the moving swing. A ball pool should be an enclosed small area not the entire floor. Children can’t even move around easily. I see many trip and fall. Please remove all the balls and keep them in an enclosed area. I’ll not recommend this place for kids.

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